About me

I got my first dog at the tender age of 6.
The dog was a Collie "Lassie", as its breed was then called. Tomi was a three-year-old dog when he came to us, my father rescued it from its previous owner, who was about to let go of a healthy handsome male dog. I and Tomi became inseparable. I was heart-broken when Tomi passed away so my father brought us a Lapponian Herders puppy to ease my pain.

When I moved away from home, it was clear to me that there must be a dog
the house. When my own three children were small we had a German Shepherd, who unfortunately fell ill and therefore had to be put down  at a young age. Then it was time for a Collie again; that dog had one litter of puppies. We took a Bearded Collie  bitch, Qvinny to keep our German Shepherd
company. For a short while we had a basset hound who we were forced to sell on because it did not get along with our old Bearded Collie. Qvinny lived for 13 years and towards the end it was almost blind and deaf. I always said that there will be no more dogs, but I could not keep my solemn promise. Once we were asked to take care of a one-year-old Chinese imperial palace dog, when its master  was diagnosed with cancer. The dog was donated to us and its name was Emma. It was brought from China with proper papers and we became its legal owners. Emma had been with us for a year when we were offered a six-year- old Pekingese dog due to an allergy in the Turku family, and thus we received a Sirkanmäen Mini-Tiina, Tiitu for short.

Emma and Tiina were a cute couple. Emma was a lively and vibrant particolor and Tiina was a calm fawn lady. Due to these two cute dogs I fell in love with their breed. Now I just cannot imagine taking a big dog even though I have always had them around. Emma reached the age of 12 and a half thanks to her cardiac medicine treatment and the always healthy Tiina got to live to the age of 15 and a half.
A year went went by and I and my husband said that we no longer take a dog. The loss of the dog is always heart-breaking. Then I caught a puppy fever in 2010. I began to make inquiries about puppies from the Finnish Pekingese Club. Then I learnt how small-scale the breeding in Finland is and that there are no puppies available at the time, and apparently not in the near future either. I got the contact information from the Club to get in touch with the Tallinn Terasroos kennel where they had newly-born puppies. I reserved  a bitch and then went to see it in Tallinn. The puppy's name was Terasroos Billie Jean, Siiri. I had selected a beautiful black bitch. Siiri was the very first of the puppies that came to me and when I took Siiri on my lap, it was love at first sight. Siiri tends to look at you straight in the eye and at that time it looked at me straight in the eyes with her beautiful dark eyes and did not get her eyes off me. Siiri's breeder Marina Roos caught our first encounter and eye contact in the photo.

Siiri needed a friend as one dog always
feels lonesome by itself! My circle of friends grew bigger in Facebook. The Internet is full of ever so beautiful puppies and I caught the puppy fever again. Siiri was one year old when I found a wonderful strong male Pekingese from Vladimir, Russia. In August 2011 after proper paperwork we received a male Pekingese, Genesh Good Luck Baron.

I became interested in dog shows right away since during the shows you meet other breeders and by asking questions you always learn a lot about the breed in question. I have also read avidly all that I have found on the breed. I have always dreamt about being a breeder. Thanks to the Pekingese Breeders' encouragement this dream has finally come true. I have passed the breeder's course and received a kennel name, SMALL FURRY. I will do my very best for this breed and look for policies that promote the healthy characteristics of the breed. I am also a Finnish Pekingese Board member. I want to be involved in the development of the breed with an open mind and listen to the experienced breeders.

​Dog breeding is in addition to my other hobbies, one of which is photography. Of course, they are both strongly associated together - my photographic subjects are mostly my dogs. When photographing dogs, I do not usually take photographs of posed dogs. The Pekingese most often seen photograph, are groomed and posed for dog shows.
I prefer snapshots, I think it is wonderful to photograph dogs when they run, rejoice and play. I enjoy it immensely when I take a photo of the Pekingese running and playing with their coat fluttering.


a German Shepherd, Reija 1974

Best friends, Emma and Tiina, 2003

Collie puppies with my daughter Jonna

My first dog Collie Tomi 1962

Me and my first dog Tomi